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Landing mats L: 200 cm - W: 100 cm - folds in 2

WESCO  20 201002
Landing mats L: 200 cm - W: 100 cm - folds in 2

WESCO  20 201002
Foldable in 2 See the description
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£139.40 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £167.28
Incl. Tax £167.28


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Flexible, soft foam mats for receiving and cushioning jumps
These mats are recommended for landing and for absorbing shocks from jumping.
Foldable in 2
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  • Foldable in 2
  • Made from soft polyurethane foam, density 24kg/m³
    Covered with a vinyl cover: easy to clean using a soft cloth and cold, soapy water or using our cleaning product
    Fitted with a non-slip base
    Non-slip reinforced corners
    Our embroidered stitching makes them airtight and prevents access to the inside
    Quick-connecting straps to create landing surfaces when required
  • Carrying handles
  • Fire retardant fabric
Technical data
  • Dimensions : L: 200 cm - W: 100 cm - TH: 7 cm.
  • Made from : FOAM.
  • Color : Colour BLUE
  • Fitted with : Carrying handles
Info +
  • For indoor exercises only
  • All our mats are vinyl covered and jersey lined, and are M2 fire retardant. Soft to the touch, and easy to clean, they are also hypoallergenic and do not contain phthalates.