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Medium tip FELT-TIP PENS

Age of use: + 3 years

BEROL  24 302020
Medium tip FELT-TIP PENS

BEROL  24 302020

Age of use: + 3 years

Blocked tip. See the description
  • Water based.
pack of 36
£17.00 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £20.40
Incl. Tax £20.40

  • Details
BEROL markers have an ink reservoir which fills the entire body of the pen, giving it a vastly superior duration of use.The tips, in top of the range fibres, do not dry out, even if they are kept out in the air for 2 weeks.The inks are washable, pigmented and luminous.
Blocked tip.
  • Does not stain skin Does not stain clothes
  • Water based.
Technical data
  • Dimensions : Ø 1 cm - Length: 13.5 cm - Tip Ø 0.4 cm.
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
  • Fitted with : With ventilated caps.
  • Autres caractéristiques : ASSORTMENT of 12 colours.
Info +
  • To help you choose..your felt tip pens, use the following criteria:
    - shape: the bigger the pen, the better it fits little hands
    - size: the shorter the pen, the better it fits little hands
    - tip: the wide tip is designed for babies for beginning colouring, the medium tip is used for colouring and beginning writing, and the fine tip is designed for colouring and learning to write.