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Shelves for "Next" shelving units

WESCO  34 438006
Shelves for "Next" shelving units

WESCO  34 438006
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Incl. Tax £25.56

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Designed for creches...
... as well as for nursery schools
Ultrasafe...Our Next shelves have been specially designed for places that are frequently used by active young children, such as creches and schools, which require optimum security. Whether they are fixed to the wall or back to back, our shelving units remain extremely stable and will not topple over and injure children.
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  • Extremely stable
    High quality
    anti-tip shelving
    anti-fall shelves
  • Sides in metal grid 10/10 mm th., with an epoxy finish, allowing the use of magnets
    Shelves are held with clips guaranteeing maximum anti-fall safety.
    Reinforced ultra resistance to avoid any deformation, our shelves are placed on metal cross-pieces (supported weight: 85 kg)
Technical data
  • Dimensions : L: 70.5 cm - W: 30.5 cm.
  • Made from : EPOXY finished METAL.
  • Color : Colour GREY