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Age of use: + 3 years for use under adult supervision

WESCO  39 864020

WESCO  39 864020

Age of use: + 3 years for use under adult supervision

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£755.30 Ex VAT
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Incl. Tax £906.36

In stock on 19/02/2021
The first motor skill modules for children aged 3+!
An infinite range of versatile courses
In 1984, Wesco was the first designer and manufacturer to offer a range of foam motor skill modules. Designed in collaboration with psycho-motor therapists, this range promotes the expression of childhood characteristics: spontaneity, acting natural, the need to test yourself, to move, etc.
Used alone or in a number of different combinations, Blocmodules offer a wide range of possibilities, allowing children to develop their motor skills while using their body, developing their movement, taking risks and knowing how to control them, combining and linking motor skill actions, etc.

NOTE: this motor skills equipment can be used as part of structured educational activities, organised by qualified professionals
Composition : 1 large wheel, 1 barrel, 1 three step, 2 U-shaped connectors, 1 large slope, 1 semi-cube, 1 cylinder and 1 semi-circle
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  • Firm and comfortable foam
    24kg/m³ density polyether foam for greater longevity over time: does not lose its shape.
    The vinyl cover is easy to clean, with either a soft cloth and cold soapy water or with our cleaning product.
    Very strong fabric
    Coated fabric on a jersey support, stitched all round with extra strong nylon thread. This covering does not lead to friction burns.
    Highly-resistant stitching
    All our modules are sewn, with no fastenings, to avoid injuring children. Our "embroidered" stitching seals the modules, and prevents children from getting inside them.
  • M2 fire retardant fabric
Technical data
  • Dimensions : Floor space: 330 x 240 cm.
  • Made from : VINYL COVERS.
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
  • Delivery : Supplied with an educational booklet.
Specialist advice
  • While crawling, stepping over, balancing and developing a sense of security and self-confidence...children over the age of 3 will learn to master their motor skills and acquire initiative and perseverance using these modules that are designed, developed and made in France!
    Christelle, Designer at Wesco