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51 piece TACTIK Scogym KIT

Age of use: 2 to 6 years for use under adult supervision

WESCO  41 326020
51 piece TACTIK Scogym KIT

WESCO  41 326020

Age of use: 2 to 6 years for use under adult supervision

  • Inclusive Solutions
  • Made in Europe
£132.30 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £158.76
Incl. Tax £158.76

Modular courses designed to develop a sense of balance, observation, coordination and muscle strengthening.
The wooden units and the plastic units are compatible!
The TACTIK Scogym range allows the creation of an infinite number of motor skills courses and gymnastic activities. Fully modular and very strong, this range has been specially designed for intensive group use. Its elements are compatible with our hoops and poles.
Composition : 6 small blocks , 2 sloping blocks , 2 large blocks , 2 hoops: Ø 35 cm , 6 hoops: Ø 50 cm , 16 batons: 70 cm , 1 pack of 6 double clips for batons , 1 storage bag, 1 pack of 6 double clips for hoops , 4 soft balls: Ø 7 cm.
    • Made in Europe
  • The wooden and plastic modules are compatible
    Stability:guaranteed due to the large diameter of the connecting elements, as well as the anti-slip base
    Strong: combination of thick and varnished plywood, strong polyethylene, and vinyl fabric
    Safety: close to the ground and no sharp edges
    Easy to assemble: assembly by easy fixing system
    Highly versatile:for building courses
  • Level 1: Very close to the ground, these motor skill exercises provide reassurance for the child. Increased benefit by using with bare feet, enhancing sensations and body awareness.

    Level 2: Climb, come down, pass over... The pathways are higher and more varied to improve motor skill abilities.
  • LEVEL 2
  • Inclusive solutions
Technical data
  • Made from : thick POLYETHYLENE.
  • Tips for using : For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
  • Delivery : Comes with an educational booklet.