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EXPLOR’action KIT Explor'action KIT N°1

Age of use: 3 to 6 years for use under adult supervision

WESCO  45 189020
EXPLOR’action KIT Explor'action KIT N°1

WESCO  45 189020

Age of use: 3 to 6 years for use under adult supervision

  • Inclusive Solutions
  • Made in Europe
  • Made of 100% recyclable plastic.
£170.10 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £204.12
Incl. Tax £204.12

Diverse motor skills experiences both indoors and outdoors.
Create a range of courses and easily adapt the desired difficulty level by moving the pieces around on the ground or in the grooves in the “rock” pieces. This versatility allows you to create an infinite range of courses, giving your children a new adventure every day.
EXPLOR’action blocks enable children to master their motor skills and acquire confidence, the ability to take the initiative and develop confidence in their physical abilities.
Composition : 1 sloped board, 2 Rocks and 1 hoop Ø 50 cm.
    • Made in Europe
  • Safety:
    For added safety, the blocks in this range do not have any sharp edges.

    Very strong:
    The blocks in the EXPLOR’action range support the weight of several children or an adult.

    The blocks can be moved around by children.

    The blocks are easy to clean and can be disinfected.

    Easy to assemble:
    The blocks link together easily and firmly without the need for additional connecting parts that could get lost or even be hazardous.

    Manufactured from materials suitable for outdoor use (composite wood, high-density anti-UV treated plastic, aluminium).
  • Inclusive solutions
  • Made of 100% recyclable plastic.
Technical data
  • Dimensions : Floor space L: 215 cm.
  • Made from : thick POLYETHYLENE.
  • Tips for using : For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
  • Delivery : Supplied with an educational booklet.
Specialist advice
  • Designed to be used inside and outside, the components in the EXPLOR’action range offer various possibilities for climbing, crawling, working on balance, etc. Made from recyclable plastic, they combine three unique advantages: they are lightweight, robust and flexible!
    Christelle Boutin, Designer at Wesco