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TINY TOT MODULE Multiple level KIT

Age of use: 1 to 3 years for use under adult supervision

WESCO  46 638020
TINY TOT MODULE Multiple level KIT

WESCO  46 638020

Age of use: 1 to 3 years for use under adult supervision

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£330.80 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £396.96
Incl. Tax £396.96

In stock on 12/04/2021
Mirrors to play with and to discover their own reflection.
Multi-textured for added sensory stimulation: mesh, printed fabric, fur, waxed fabric
2 in 1: motor and sensory courses!
This range has been designed to stimulate a child's sense of touch by discovering different materials. Both motor and sensory, this course helps contribute to a child's development.
Composition : 1 mirrored quarter cube, 1 multi-textured quarter cube, 1 multi-textured semi-cube, 1 mirrored trapezium and 2 square mats.
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  • Tough and long-lasting: 24kg/m³ foam
    Will not collapse
    Covered with vinyl fabric
    Ultra-hygienic, all the pieces have removable covers
    Machine washable at 30°C for the textured TINY TOT modules
    Washable on the surface for TINY TOT modules with mirrors
    All the mirrors and textures are securely finished with bias binding
  • Helps develop the sense of touch and sight
    Teaches children to master their motor skills by climbing and sliding.
  • Inclusive solutions
Technical data
  • Dimensions : Floor space L: 144 cm - W: 96 cm.
  • Made from : VINYL COVERS.
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
Info +
  • The activity covers are sold individually, or with their corresponding "TINY TOT module" blocks.
    In case of wear, or if you wish to create new activities, the fabric cover is fitted with velcro so that it can be replaced easily.