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Lotus ISLAND BALL POOL With balls

Age of use: + 18 months for use under adult supervision

WESCO  54 129164
Lotus ISLAND BALL POOL With balls

WESCO  54 129164

Age of use: + 18 months for use under adult supervision

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£495.40 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £594.48
Incl. Tax £594.48

Available within 4 weeks
Ideal for small spaces!
Ball pool, can be transformed into a play mat
What a fantastic feeling, sinking into a sea of brightly coloured balls! Children adore letting themselves fall, playing and relaxing in our ball pools. Through play, they become aware of their bodies, develop motor skills and learn to play together.
Composition : 1 pool, 2 x 2-waves mat, 2 rectangular mats, 4 corner mats and approximately 120 transparent balls.
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  • A "Made in France" product
    Manufactured, sewn and assembled in our workshops in Sablé sur Sarthe, our ball pools have been developed through our unique knowledge, ensuring optimum quality and safety for children.
    Very hard-wearing vinyl fabric.
    24kg/m³ foam: strength and longevity, will not lose its shape.
    Their covers are easy to clean with soapy water, or with our cleaning product.
    Each ball pool has a base mat.
    Quick installation
    (Except the "Lotus" range which has zippers).
  • Inclusive solutions
    Whoever the users are, big or small, ball pools have benefits that are both therapeutic, relaxing and sensory, visual and tactile, with a kinaesthetic aspect (the position and movements of the various parts of the body). Ball pools also allow development in an unstable but safe environment.
  • Fire-retardant M2
Technical data
  • Dimensions : L: 168cm - W: 168cm - H: 48cm - th. 4cm.
  • Made from : VINYL COVER.
  • Color : Colour LIGHT ORANGE
Info +
  • Ideal ball volume: 120 balls.