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PACK of Play Doh MODELLING CLAY 2.68 kg

Age of use: + 2 years for use under adult supervision

54 604020
PACK of Play Doh MODELLING CLAY 2.68 kg

54 604020

Age of use: + 2 years for use under adult supervision

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Incl. Tax £36.00


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This play-dough is ideal for very young children because of its ultra-soft and very malleable texture. The colours can be mixed. It won't stain clothes, hands or worktops. They can be used repeatedly, provided they are kept in a sealed container. It is therefore not possible to keep your creations.
Composition : 24 x 112 g tubs.
  • Modelling clay is always popular with children, allowing them to develop a range of skills. Modelling allows children to develop their sense of touch and fine motor skills using accessories such as cutters and rollers... and to stimulate their imagination by creating characters and well as opening their minds by creating 3D shapes, such as balls It is also a very relaxing activity. It is also a highly relaxing activity.
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Technical data
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
  • Other features Product : ASSORTMENT of 6 colours.
Specialist advice
  • The professional's view: Alexandre, specialist teacher
    I use modelling clay with my students to work on their imagination, stimulate their fine motor skills, and observe their ability to use precise movements. (How they use their hands and fingers to pick up, pinch, roll and squash it etc.) It's a tool which is always successful and can be used by everyone. The students love kneading it, modelling with it, creating objects and playing with the colours. Usually I start by letting the students take the clay, feeling the texture, and creating shapes without any specific instructions, and later it is possible to guide them to make a ball shape, mix colours, cut it etc. It is soft, malleable and non-toxic; the students love it and for them it's a way of releasing stress by kneading it.