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Pencil case Croco

Duration: 20 minutes | + 6 years | Difficulty: 
  • Open the pencil case and insert a plastic bag, into which – ideally- you will have put newspaper or foam. The benefit is two-fold: firstly the felt-tip does not pass through and, secondly to visualize the depiction of the motive on the full case.
  • Then place the stencil on the pencil case, and trace the contours of the animal using a felt-tip pen.
  • Colour inside the pattern using markers for textiles.
  • Position the buttons on the pencil case, in the location you wish, so as to determine the length of thread necessary.
  • Afterwards cut the thread to the desired size, thread the satin thread inside the decorative buttons.
  • Place a pea sized amount of glue (textile glue, for more adhesion) on the back of each button, then stick them one by one. Keep them in place with of pins if needed.
  • Let dry for approximately 20 min.
  • Lastly stick the eye on the crocodile!
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Pencil case Rock n’Roll

Duration: 30 minutes | + 5 years | Difficulty: 
  • Paint the pencil case, inside and outside, with black textile paint. Let dry for approximately 30 min.
  • By means of a low power iron, iron all of the pencil case, so as to fix the colour.
  • Cut the stencils out of the letters which you wish to print on the pencil case, and then fix them with adhesive tape.
  • Paint inside the stencil with white paint and let it dry for about 15 minutes.
  • Arrange and paste up the stars on the pencil case: they are already sticky, but for more adhesion, we recommend you to add a touch of glue.
Wesco's realization |

Pencil case Girly

Duration: 20 minutes | + 5 years | Difficulty: 
  • Start by cut the ribbon of organza to the desired size, knot inside the zipper handle on the pencil case.
  • Then cut 4 ribbons to the length of the pencil case.
  • Apply of the glue the back of one of the ribbons, then the position it at the desired location. Maintain them with little pins if required.
  • Repeat the same operation for the other 3 ribbons.
  • Choose then the buttons which will brighten up the pencil case and define their position. It then only remains to paste, and eventually then to sew the buttons, to ensure a greater longevity of the pencil case!
Wesco's realization |