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Gift packets

Time needed: 15 minutes | Age: 5 or over | Difficulty: 
  • Fold a sheet of Bristol card in half and cut along the fold.
  • Take one of the half-sheets and do the same again.
  • Apply decorative sticky tape to one edge on one side of the sheet, which becomes the outside
  • Carefully bend the sheet to bring the edges together, then attach one to the other with the tape.
  • Fold the ends over until they meet.
  • Fasten the packet closed with embroidery thread or coloured raffia.

Gift bag

Time needed: 15 minutes | Age: 4 or over | Difficulty:} 
  • Trace the shape or the message you want to add onto the white carrier bag.
  • Cut pieces of decorative tape and stick them in place to make the shape you want according to your inspiration.
You can make a custom bag and adapt all the Christmas shapes as your imagination takes you
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