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Snowy bauble

Time needed: 25 minutes | Age: 6 or over (adult supervision required) | Difficulty: 
  • Roll up a piece of black Fimo modelling clay. Pinch one end to make a penguin tail.
  • Make the bonnet by forming a piece of red Fimo modelling clay on your finger end. Place the bonnet on the penguin and then press it so it touches the head
  • Shape two small balls of white Fimo modelling clay to make the head and stomach.
  • Create the beak and two feet out of red Fimo modelling clay. Make two triangles for the wings out of black Fimo modelling clay. Glue them on and the penguin is complete.
  • Put the sugar in the lower half of a bauble and stand the penguin on it.
  • Close the bauble up.
  • To close the bauble permanently and for greater stability, finish it off with paper maché.
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