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wesco | Racing Car

Age : + 8 yrs | Difficulty:  ★★ | Estimated time : 1hr per car
Pinceau Compas Ciseaux Colle
Steps :
  • Paint the toilet roll with poster paints.
  • Allow to dry for 15 min.
  • With a compass, trace on the white card paper :
    • 2 circles of 4 centimetres in diameter
    • 4 circles of 2 centimetres in diameter
    • 4 circles of 1 centimetre in diameter.
  • Cut them out.
  • Paint the 4 and 2 centimetres in diameter circles with black paint.
  • Decorate your car with masking tape and decorative paper.
  • Cut a small cross in the centre of the wheels and in the toilet roll where the wheels are to be.
  • Fit the wheels with the aid of the Parisian clips.
  • Cut out a rectangle for the driver, fold the rectangle to form the seat.
  • Glue the large circles to the ends of the car.
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