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Chick packets

Time needed: 30 minutes | Age: 5 or over | Difficulty: 
  • Cut out a roughly 15cm square out of one of the sheets and run a strip of masking tape along one of its four sides.
  • Roll the square into a tube, with the masking tape on the free edge, then stick it down.
  • Flatten the bottom of the tube, fold it over, then glue it to form a cone shape.
  • Cut a 25cm length of aluminium wire, thread it through the fold, then bend the ends into the shape of small claws.
  • Apply the various templates to the felt foam and trace and cut out the head tuft, wings, and beak.
  • Flatten and fold over the top of the cone, then glue the various cut-outs onto the felt shape.
    Finish off with the eye stickers.
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