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Felt Easter chicks

Time needed: 20 minutes | Age: 5 or over | Difficulty: 
  • Place the larger template on the orange felt foam, trace the outline twice and cut out the shapes.
  • Do the same with the smaller templates and cut out the following: 1 black circle for the tummy, 2 small blue wings, 1 white beak, and 1 small red head tuft.
  • Cut a 25cm length of aluminium wire, fold it in two, then shape the ends into feet (see photo).
  • Remove the adhesive backing sheet from the orange felt foam and glue the 2 cut-outs together back-to-back, making sure the aluminium wire is placed between them.
  • All that remains is to glue on the wings, the head tuft, and the beak. Then add decorative buttons for eyes to finish of this lovely Easter chick !
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