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wesco | A Tom-tom for spring

4 years + | Difficulty:  ★★ | 1 hr 30 and drying overnight
You need:
Pencil Scissors
  • Paint the base, the box lid and your match.
  • When the box is dry, make a small hole (about 5 mm) at a mid-point on the side of the box.
  • Insert the match leaving about 4 cm of its length inside the box.
  • Glue the match from the inside using the glue gun (step to be done by an adult).
  • Make 2 holes (about 3 mm) on each side of the box.
  • Cut about 50 cm of waxed cotton thread, then thread it through the 2 holes.
  • Centre the thread, then tie knots at each side of the box to secure the thread and stop it sliding through.
  • Thread a bead onto each end of the thread and tie a knot.
  • Cut off any excess thread.
  • Apply glue on the inside of the other section of the box for sticking the two sections together.
  • Stick together and leave to dry.
  • Use markers to decorate.
  • Time to make music!
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