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Origami Fish

  • Cut 15cm squares out of the origami sheets, one square for each fish you want.
  • Fold the model following the photographs. You can mark out the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal folds on the back of the paper to use as a guide.
  • Make the initial folds.
  • Turn the paper right side up and bring one of the corners to the centre. Turn the sheet back over and fold the edges toward the centre.
  • Make the top and bottom folds then make the diagonal folds towards the left and right.
  • Lift the top while pulling the two corners of the paper outward, then flatten.
  • Lift the two points near the top then flatten.
  • Fold the fishtail in two.
  • To shape the second fin, bring the bottom part toward the top, pulling the point outward, then flatten.
  • Attach the eye stickers.
  • Thread the cord through the folds of the fish, make a knot, thread on a pom-pom, then make another knot.
  • Repeat for each fish and each pom-pom.

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