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Basic RELAXATION AREA / OPEN BALL CABIN (balls not supplied)

Age of use: + 18 months

Basic RELAXATION AREA / OPEN BALL CABIN (balls not supplied)


Age of use: + 18 months

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£542.90 Ex VAT
Incl. Tax £651.48
Incl. Tax £651.48

Available within 3 weeks

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Like inside a cocoon
A comfortable and secure area which will delight very young children. Hang their little toys and other accessories to help stimulate their imagination.
Composition : 3 corner pieces, 1 quarter circle pieces, 4 wooden uprights and 2 single fabric sheets.
  • Convenient to hang games or comforters
    Openwork fabric: allowing adults to see the children easily
  • Easy to clean
    The vinyl cover can be gently cleaned with either a cloth or sponge and cold soapy water or with our cleaning product.
    Wide edges to allow adults to sit down.
    Very strong vinyl cover
    24kg/m³ foam: tough and long-lasting
    Will not lose its shape.
    Quick installation
    Each section is fitted with full-height velcro strips. The wooden supports fit into gaps in the foam parts.
  • Inclusive solutions
  • M2 fire retardant fabric
Technical data
  • Dimensions : L: 144cm - W: 144cm - H: 118 cm - th: 15 cm.
  • Made from : VINYL FABRIC (ball pool elements), varnished PLYWOOD (structure) and laminated mesh roof.
  • Color : Choice of colours : YELLOW - ORANGE - BLUE - GREEN
  • Comes with : Delivered flat-packed, do-it-yourself installation.
Info +
  • Ideal ball volume: 500 balls.