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For more than 4 years, Wesco has been helping Professionals by offering you the best products and solutions that meet your daily needs.

Our support to develop your Institution

Do you wish to arrange your Nursery, School, Leisure Centre, Home etc? Our team is at your service to make a plan in 2D or 3D. Whether you have a construction or renovation project, we accompany you throughout this project to bring you a personalised solution to create a playful, ergonomic and aesthetic space. This free and non-binding service will allow you to move more serenely in your project.
For more information on this service, contact us.

Order with peace of mind

Carefully choosen products, a 100% quality commitment

Choosing Wesco is the assurance of products adapted for an intensive use, quality and service. We offer a wide range of products created or selected for their educational qualities and meeting your requirements in terms of safety and sustainability. This for the purpose of guaranteeing a high level of satisfaction.

Prices which don't fool you!

Wesco would like to alert you to companies who advertise or display prices that are artificially low, due to being shown excluding taxes, and whose often excessively high shipping costs do not appear until the time of finalising the order. With Wesco, our prices are shown with and without VAT so you know exactly how much you are spending.

More products for the same budget

Remember that among the many reasons for choosing Wesco, one is to take advantage of a sliding scale of prices based on the quantity ordered. We also offer many discounted prizes as well as economical solutions to meet all budgets.

Clearly displayed article availability

For each article, Wesco indicates its availability

  • In stock: The item will be delivered to you within 7 to 10 working days.
  • In stock within X weeks: Order today and receive it as soon as it is available.
  • Unavailable: Subscribe to the stock alert to be notified upon arrival in stock.
Order with references

Simplify Your life: click on “Order by reference” and simply enter the references of the chosen products in your catalogue.

Pay securely

Choose your method of payment from the following
  • By debit/credit card: your online order is transmitted to us in a completely secure way, without recording of data.
  • By transfer: Upon receipt of Invoice - only for communities.

Get a delivery according to your needs

Reduced shipping costs

Free shipping for Orders over £250
Below, only £3.50 before VAT will be required.

An order shipped within 48 hours

Upon receipt, our team commits to ship your order within 48 hours (for items in stock). For customized items, allow a period of 4 weeks upon receipt of your order.
Standard delivered by courier in 7 to 10 working days * depending on your geographical location

Attention: For delivery during the holiday season, we recommend ordering as soon as possible.
*The times indicated are the average times, given as an indication and without commitment on our part. For more information, consult our general conditions of sale.

Track your order

You can also check the progress of your order by entering your order number in the box "Where is your order?" located at the bottom of the homepage.

Tailor-made delivery solutions
Classic delivery
Tailor made delivery
Turnkey delivery
Your order is delivered to your chosen address
Products in the same order are distributed according to the classes or services of your institution / community
Products are delivered by appointment
Special furniture
Your furniture is delivered unassembled
Unpacking, installation, mounting and assembly of new furniture
We remove all packaging