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Why choose Wesco?

Over 40 years experience

Choosing Wesco is trusting more than 40 years expertise, built and approved by professionals in early childhood and education. Our ongoing exchanges allow us to validate the relevance of our creations and selections, to be in line with new pedagogical approaches and to develop our products according to the pedagogical needs of the children.

Growing well starts here

Pedagogy is our driving force: we design, manufacture and select toys, games and materials to support children not only in their learning, but also in their development. Only the products presenting a real playful and educational interest are proposed in our various products universes.

Products for every children

Because they are designed to meet the needs of all children, a large part of our ranges are accessible to children with disabilities or with special needs.

An openness of the world anchored in our values

From its creation, Wesco has made the openness of the world one of its core values. This conviction pushed us to create non-gendered, multi-ethnic toys: the important thing for us is to put the right material, the right game in the hands of all children and to encourage creative game.

The choice of safe and high quality products

Guaranteeing high quality and safe products for children is an integral part of our DNA. Wesco strictly observes the requirements of French and European standards and even goes beyond these constraints by eliminating from its products Bisphenol A, phthalates, azo dyes and other harmful substances.
All our products are controlled by our integrated quality laboratory and approved external laboratories to ensure its toys, furniture, etc. are absolutely harmless for children.

Manufactured to last

Timeless and ultra-resistant, our products are designed to last and pass from generation to generation. That's why we select the best materials (Italian leatherette, high-density foam, thick wood, anti-UV polyethylene, etc.).